Yugo Translation Please

On another forum some one is asking for a translation for a Yugoslovian box.

“15 Kom 7.9 metak sa gvozdenim jezgrom - UGJ” - remontouanih - u okuiru"

Theres 2 different boxes posted with rounds in one that has gmcs bullets and has yellow tips, the second a white oxidzed bullet with lime green tips. Headstamp/ date on box is 11/54. On the collector list just posted, it says 11/55 yellow tip is AP(?)?

A remounted German SMK would be " metak sa pancirnim zrnom p", but I could be wrong too.

Thanks for any help, kevin

Something like

15 pcs of 7.9 rounds with an iron core - ugj - repackaged - in okuiru

But I’m not a Serbian speaker :)

“UGJ”- Universal with Iron Core.

This is German SME bullets in new Yugo cases and powder .

wolfganggross you are right, in same way SMK bullets remounted. Also and SMK`lspur and B (Black tip, Black tip with green line between neck of case and bullet, Silver tip)