Yugosalvian API 7.62x39 Cutaway

Yugo API headstamp IK/90, just got around to cutting it.

This last pic compares Yugo IK/90 (left), Egypt VAR/29 (middle), and Russian 539/K (right)
The last two has been posted before. Thanks wolfgang

I love seeing cutaways but I always wounder how you cut the projectile and not set off the incinderary part of it.

i think that this incendiary would be igniciated by high velocity and heavy crushing ,they no contain phosphorus

Is this not an APT? How would it work with the incendiary mix in the back?


Joe, it is an API. The Incendiary behind the core is supposed to follow the core through the target material. The whole process goes with high friction forces which are certainly setting off the compound.

To what I have seen (and correct me if I am wrong) the “incendiary behind the core” position is a Soviet design (with a distant relation to German WWII 7.92mm PmK which had a different intention I think and 20and 30mm designs which were “expelling backwards”).
The idea is to have the incendiary composition to stay unconsumed till the armor (target) is pierced and to follow the core through the channel (hole) and ignite the target from inside (fuel or any combustibles) as the normal “front position” is leading to the incendiary being consumed with most effect taking place outside the armor and being wasted.

As always, a fantastic job. Keep up the fantastic work


Charles. J. Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

Great work…Always a pleasure seeing cutaways.I’m going to have to and some to my collection in the future.

very cool!!!

Very interesting, thank you very much for sharing your great work.