Yugoslav 120mm mortar propelling cartridges

Is there anybody who could provide images of Yugoslav 120mm mortar propelling cartridges?
I mean those which are based on cal.4 (26.5mm) cases and not the threaded types.

At the given time I am uncertain if they ever made such cartridges.

Alex, there is a pseudo-picture of such cartridge in a 1960 edition of the mortar’s manual. Do you already have it?

Fede, I have the 1964 (120mm M38 and M52) manual on the mortar but that one is not stating on the propellant cartridges. Is your’s different?

Though I have other ammo manuals which are describing the cartridges in general but are lacking some (to me) important details.

I am asking here because there were 3 types in service (till 1974 at least). One used with the Russian OF-843 proj. (designated “cartridge for OF-843”) and resembling the normal 26.5mm cartridge (what I am trying to document) and the M56 (2-part design) and the M62 which were both threaded and are not of interest here.
The question is now:
Are the cartridges “for OF-843” original Russian ones as the OF-843 projectile was (supposedly Russian deliveries after 1945) or have they ever been made in Yugoslavia too?
Right now I am thinking they were original Russian ones and the M56 (threaded 2-part) was the first Yugo design.

Alex, yes, the 1960 edition is different and only deal with the M52 mortar and cartridge types “for OF-843” and M56. This is the illustration of the former:

Very interesting indeed! This image is missing in the 1964 manual!

With Alex’s pardon, whose topic I’m not trying to boicot, it will be great if anyone else can post pictures of 120 mm mortar propelling cartridges manufactured in any other country.