Yugoslav 7.62x25 Blanks?

I’m looking for any information at all, even anecdotal, on possible Yugoslavian production of 7.62x25 Tokarev blank cartridges. I have posted pics of a board that has marked spaces for 2 examples, so they must exist, but I have never heard of or seen any.

This is from the archives of a long dead fellow Norwegian collector, a collection of at least 8 full ring binders. This is from vol. 8 which covers WP/Soviet/East block ammunition:

“Yugoslavia. Red tip rose crimp.”
It’s the one and only mention of a Yugoslav blank cartridge in the 7,62x25 Tokarev section which is well over 30 dual pages of illustrated headstamps and tips…
All the cartridges depicted are ones he had in his collection or borrowed from other collectors.

Hope it is of some help or interest.

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Great info, thanks!
Now…what happened to the collection???

Our mutual friend, from whom I got this ring binder, is also no longer with us, no clue what happened with the bulk of his collection… I assume split up and sold, or divided among friends. It’s pretty sad when such large collections with a “red thread”/coherent idea of extents is broken up. Lots and lots of time and energy used on marking, collecting data, cataloging is gone in an instant.