Yugoslav 7.62x39 made by Suvenir Samokov (SMB)

I would like to know if anybody has ever seen a Yugoslav box of 7.62x39 made by Suvenir of Samokov (municipality of Makedonski Brod) with the actual manufacturer code “SMB” or the Cyrillic version “СМБ” printed on the box?
If so images of such boxes are highly welcome.

Really nobody?

I have not seen an SMB box in any caliber. They made 9mmP in a number of headstamps, but the only Macedonian box I have seen in any caliber is the 9mm box I recently put in the IAA Journal, and it has the headstamp of the Czech trading company who bought SMB.

Sorry! Hope someone has a box label in some caliber…


Lew, thanks! We know boxes from SMB with their alternative code “PKI” (which is Cyrillic and means RK 1). Hence my question about the “SMB” + “СМБ”.

I have seen a civilian 7.62x39 SMB box but that was not of much help as for the question above except that it had the company logo on which was a great piece of info.