Yugoslav 7.9mm "59" headstamp

If anyone had any doubts about the origin of this headstamp, here is proof it was made by Privi Partisan (PPU) in 1959. I don

Interesting! Often a headstamp like that is believed to be for a clandestine use or contract, but that case label (in Serbo-Croation with the PPU factory mark!) kind of negates that theory. I look forward to learning what “SIFRA 127” refers to.

As far as i know it means “code 127”.

The fact that the box label is fixed with pins which are easily removable it may be as Jon said. The labels just would have got removed prior to delivery.

Any other ideas?

Are there any markings on the outside of the box? If my theory is right it should not have any which indicate the origin.

Ah, very good on the pins! I saw them but didn’t think about their purpose. Makes perfect sense and helps the “clandestine” theory.

Other than the label, the only marking on the boxes is the normal purple inspectors rubber stamped numeral. The only marking on the exterior of the wooden case is “127”.


This at least does not contradict my theory. Thanks Phil.