Yugoslav ammunition manufacturers

Is there anybody with information on Yugoslav numerical manufacturer codes as they have been used till 1956?
Those for small arms ammunition I am aware of and the code for their medium caliber manufacturer “Sloboda” in Chachak I have too. On all others I have to guess so far.

Anybody from Yugoslavia here?

010, 011 (newer dates such as the 1990’s) : Igman d.d. Konjic
These below are in your date range:
12 (often with Stars),14 (Often with Stars), IK : Igman d.d. Konjic
11 (often with stars), PPYU, PPU, PP: Prvi Partizan – Uzice
122: Cacak Ammunition Plant, Sloboda, Serbia

Thanks Cartridgecorner!
Yes, exactly these I described above while I am still mot sure about the 010 anbd 011 since these seem to change with the years they been made in. Also these are post Yugoslav codes while those I meant are all pre 1956.

Cacak is just wrong transcripted and should read Chachak.

My question is about all others.

All the 010 and 011 I have are 1990’s issued and a 2 letter date code. I have 10 and 11 with no zero’s preceding them with 1950’s date codes.Most with the stars on as well.Thanks for the clarification of the Cacak translation. I nthought you wer elooking for the small stuff. I can’t help you on the large stuff…

“11” is PPU in Serbia, so it can’t be related to the post Yugoslav Bosnian ones.
Also a “10” for Yugsolavia pre 1956 would be new to me. Can you show us an image?

Any news on the initial equestion on numerical codes?
As a lot of time has gone by I wonder if anybody gained more knowledge or if new members can say more?

66 : KRUSIK, Valjevo
104 : POBJEDA, Gorazde
122 : SLOBODA, Cacak
124 : SLAVKO RODIC, Bugojno (Now : BINAS - UNIS)
131 : ?
142 : PRVA ISKRA, Baric

I do not have production dates

JMG, great to have your reply!!!

“131” I suspected to be Krusik, Valjevo (KV) as it appears on typical KV products (mortar rounds).

The “104” I also guessed already to be Pobjeda, Gorazde (PG) as their product range fits the items the code was observed on.

The “66” I have never observed before same as 142 Prva Iskra, Baric (PI). Would you have images of lot numbers as they are used on ammunition?

This brings us to the main question, is there any supporting data/documentation (catalogs, images, manuals?) which would confirm these manufacturers?

The only confirmed one (to me) of those listed is “122”.


Brian, thanks for reminding us. The small arms ammo codes are well documented - certainly due to the popularity of the subject here.
Most codes we are missing (or have yet to discover) are from factories which produced (or still do) large calibers, fuzes, engineer munitions, rockets and any other kind of explosive ordnance.

14, ПГ (PG) - Pobjeda, Gorazde