"Yugoslav" Forum

I just found the following Forum. It has LOTS of nice sectioned cartridges, etc. Check it out.

mycity-military.com/Kopnena- … ri_10.html

That’s interesting. I think I saw a Czech site that was very similar. ;) ;)

My dad was born in Czechoslovakia and grew up in Yugoslavia but I don’t know a single word of either language. Of course, we were even-steven because he knew very little English except for some good cuss words.

I have about a dozen Czech wildcats if anyone is interested.


Ray–I originally titled this as a Czech Forum, but EOD said it was Yugoslavian so I changed the title. Anyway, LOTS of good stuff there, even if you can’t read a word. Most of us can still read pictures.

The language appears to be Serbo-Croatian, even though (I thought) it is supposed to be in Kyrillic alphabet. Maybe it is Slovenian. Heck, I don’t know even though I understand about half of it. Hvala.

Serbo-Croatian has 2 sides, Cyrillic Serb and Latin Croatian/Hrvatsko. Basically the mostly same spoken language, like Belgian French and French French.