Yugoslavia "SMP" Headstamp


Does anyone know what factory in Yugoslavia produced 7.62x39 with a “SMP 7.62x39” headstamp? Is is pre- or post- 1992?



possibly you are talking about “SMB”, which is “Suvenir Makedonski Brod” in Makedonski Brod-Samokov, Makedonia. I have a 1993 dated blank.


Hans–No, I mean “SMP”. I do have the “SMB” headstamp as well and have it identified as MACEDONIA (SINCE 1991) “Sovenir” Macedonia-Brod-Serbia.
I do appreciate the more complete address for “SMB”.


This world is full of surprises …


STOP THE PRESSES!! That “SMP” headstamp was based on one listed by Russ Cornell. I just got an email from Russ saying it was a “Typo” and it is really the “SMB” headstamp that we already know about. Shucks, I thought we had another new headstamp. But, I’m glad the problem is cleared up.


Ihave a bullet



SMB was sold by the government in 2009 to a Czech company Real Trade Prague a.s and adopted the name Samokov Makedonski Brod and uses the SUMBRO hst.


I watch this closely because the Sumbro is the only Macedonian 9x19mm hst I have. I know 9x19 was made in with the СМБ hst and both the PKI ahd SMB headstamps have been reported on 9x19mm but I have not seen a photo of either of these headstamps.

I have not seen a dated round with a Mcedonian headstamp dated later than 2000.




What you have is properly described as a BLANK 7.62x39mm CARTRIDGE.

So that we can better understand the markings (headstamp) on you cartridge would you please type out the letters and numbers in the headstamp.

A previous discussion here on the Forum that may help: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4602&p=30754

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The latest one with “СМБ” hs I know of is made in 1994 (ball load).


To avoid confusion (mine), EOD, are you speaking of
9 x 19 mm or 7.62 x 39 regarding the 1994 ball round?
john moss


John, of course I should have mentioned it being a 7.62x39.


EOD - thank you. I thought that was what you mean’t
but it was not totally clear in light of the entry right before
yours. I guess I can spot things like that because unfortunately,
I do it myself all the time - that is, incomplete statements or
leaving out key words. :-( You seldom do it.

john m.