Yugoslavian 5.45x39,5 production


Does anyone know what timeframe did the Yugoslavs begin producing 5.45x39,5 for export, and what kind of packaging it came in, in addition to the load type/projectile construction?

I have surmised that this is/was a fairly modern for export venture that never cought on. I can only guess they predicted that 5.45 would become the new 7.62x39 but never did, as i just cant see any non-warsaw pact countries purchasing this stuff. The alternate is that it was actually a paid order by someone.

While we are on this subject, did Hungary ever have any (chambers or cartridges in 5.45x39,5) prototypes or experemental/test projects in this calber or did they simply sail strait over the concept.




I have no facts on this but we had a collector visiting PPU. He told the 5,45 were made for internal purposes (expensive venture, imagine all the tools and stuff!) and never went into full scale production. Only a few were loaded as ball (lead core FMJ). And for that reason they were never packed.

Only 1 headstamp is known.

The fact that they have a ППУ headstamp brings forward proof to me, they were not made for export. ППУ to my best knowledge only shows up on surplus!


Hans I have seen fairly new 7.62x39 with Cyrillic PPU hs in Angola once so we may assume that it is also exported in this appearance.

The PPU catalog is offering the 5.45x39. Look here:
…go to “Military” and there in the popup to “Rifle, Light Machine Gun And Machine Gun Ammunition”




So far i know of 1988 examples, any other dates or no?


The Cyrillic “nny” has been used on lots of new, commercial ammunition, even including rounds dated on the headstamp, in the military fashion. It is only recently that Prvi Partizan seems to have, more or less, standardized their commercial headstamp to “PPU Caliber Designation” format. Plenty of exceptions there even recently, by the way.

I would go so far as to say you can’t tell a Milsurp Yygo round from a commercial one, especially in older ammunition, without the box label. I am not even including the contract-style boxes in various languages here, but rather only the “high art” commercial boxes.

In fact, as mentioned on this Forum on another thread, some current .32 and .380 PPU ammunition in new-style commercial boxes from Prvi Partizan even has Igman-headstamped cartridges in them, dated like military or contract loads, although they may have been loaded in Serbia as the primer seal is the identical orangish-red PPU color, and the boxes say “Made in Serbia,” not made in Bosnia-Herzogovina, where the Igman factory is.


Stirring up a hornet’s nest brings up a lot. Here comes another:

EOD, when they have it in their offering, it does not say it was produced in the past years.

Thank you, guys, I learned a lot!



Hans - you are right. They have offered 9mm Browning Long for years in their catalog. I don’t know anyone who has ever seen a round of this caliber from PPU, though. Further, they currently offer .38 Super. Anyone ever seen one?


The first one I saw +/- 15 years ago neither had a primer seal nor a case mouth crimp, like mine which I got a few years ago; my bullet has a GMCS jacket which is unusual. It came right out of ППУ though, together with a few others from a pretty good source - if it is all true what I recall.
Is yours more “complete”?