Yugoslavian and Rhodesian stamped 9x19?

I came across this at Southern Firearms & Appraisals in Homewood/Birmingham today.

Now I’ve searched around and I couldn’t find much on 9mm, I’m just trying to confirm if it is Yugoslavian since all I can find is for 8mm, 7.62x39, and 7.62x25.

Headstamp 11/52 with a star on the left & right. Seems to be regular ball ammo with sloppy red lacquer seals on most.

Second cartridge was said to be Rhodesian by a friend I asked, not sure how accurate that is though.

Headstamp is MM/43/6 (Triangular formation going clockwise) it could also be 9 MM 43, but there’s a large degree of seperation between the 9/6 and the MM though. It also has a black lacquer seal on the primer if that helps.

I’ll try and get you guys a picture or two if need be.

The 11 * 52 * is definitely Yugo. The other is a controversial round, but definitely not Rhodesian. It was made in Canada in the mid-1950s for the CIA. They used these, and similar 7.92x57 rounds, wherever they need non-attributable ammo.

Lots of posts here about the details of the 9 MM 43 rounds (also 40, 41, 42, 44 and 45). do a search and you will find them.

There Were a very few rounds made Rhodesia. Please be more specific. I assume you mean when it was still called Rhodesia.



The only 9x19mm “Rhodesian” headstamp known is by Matthews Manufacturing Company in Belmont, Bulawayo

The headstamp reads “MMco 9MM”

There is reportedly an early unheadstamped round that is a product of MMco but I have never actually seen this cartridge.

There is also a round with a S&B case headstamped “SBP 9mmP” with a Glaser type bullet that was reportedly made by or for the Rhodesian police. I have the round but no written conformation of the origin of the cartridge.

I know of no other production of 9x19mm in Rhodesia or Zimbabwe.