Zakłady Amunicyjne "Pocisk" S.A. - .320?

We know about production ammunition by polish firm Zakłady Amunicyjne “Pocisk” S.A. for civil used:

  • shotshell for hunting &sporting - c.1924 produced only case without eleboration, c.1926/7 making full elaborating ammo
  • .22 rimfire from c.1927 (first was introduced for production .22 Krótki (short) in the next years was produced .22 Długi (long) and .22 Długi Precyzyjny (long rifle)
  • 6,35mm & 7,65mm Browning - startedproduction in c. 1935

But I don’t have anything information in polish source about production this headstamps probably used on revolver ammo caliber .320 (I was found in internet only two trace for this).


This is the only one I could find in my collection: a 7.65x17SR Browning


Below are pictures of 2 - 6.35 Browning headstamps courtesy of Woodin Labs.