Zbrojovka Bratislava

Mám tu jeden zajímaví kousek ze zbrojovka Bratislava


Kurovec, great headstamp.
Did you intend to ask something? Could you maybe explain in English?

So I got a few pieces in my hand now, some of them to be replaced. I would like to know more about this shotgun cartridge and its production.

The general origin seems to be before 1934 as after that (when bought by “Zbrojovka Brno”) the factory was moved from Bratislava to Považská Bystrica.

Unfortunately I do not have the naming documented like it is given in your headstamp.
Maybe somebody can fill in this gap?

The manufacturer is Československé muniční a kovodělné závody a. s., Bratislava.

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Děkuji přátelé 👍Škoda že jste daleko, rád bych vyjmenoval s vama.

Fede, do you know the time period the factory was named like this?
Or was that a parallel shotshell branch (or brand) along the known factory?

Alex, this company name was used between 1928 and 1934, but the last “M” headstamp dates from 1935 (7.9x57). Shotshells were a standard product of this factory, and this was their “Sokol” (Falcon) brand made as early as 1929.



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Fede, thanks!
I had it as “Ceskoslovenske Municne a Kovorobne Zavody Ucastinarska Spolocnost”.
I wonder now what is the correct grammar.

The one I have posted above is the correct grammar used by the factory.

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Thanks for the confirmation Fede!