Zimmermann 8.15 x 46R

Empty box I acquired.
RWS Utendoerffer 8.15 x 46R box with Zimmermann stamp on box.
I have 2 - Zimmermann headstamped 8.15 x 46R cartridges.
15 x 46R
15 x 46R a

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These cartridges are generally acknowledged as being made for Gunmaker Karl Zimmermann of Lucerne. His business has evidently been in existance since 1874. Father of Hans Zimmermann in 1894 and he was a shooting champion. He was authorized from 1923 to repair military weapons. Had a patent approved on 28.2.1966 for a weapon sight. His business became Waffen Zimmermann and still exists in Lucerne http://ch.waffenzimmermann.ch/.

I have a bullet from one of the loaded examples which were likely loaded by Zimmermann themselves and the base is marked “Z LUZERN” - as shown below.


If I am reading it right (I have very little German language abilities), they went out of business at the end of September, this year: “30. September definitives Ende der Firma Zimmerman Waffen Luzern.”


John Moss

You are correct John, I just checked that the link in my database still worked without really checking what the website was actually saying (in German). I will update my notes.