Zinc shotshell no headstamp Alcan

I have this 12ga of what appears to be zinc shotshell as it is not shiny like aluminium it has a 6 petal crimp and a sort of wax in the grooves. The head looks like copper wash steel and magnet sticks to it. Slight shake, sounds of small shot. Nickel primer color. What I have gathered on this forum is that Alcan made similar ones to this. But this one has the crimp that different and there is no headstamp. Can y’all tell me what this means if anything?

Measurements : shell-.800
Any pointers would help thank you all for your time!

I too believe this to be by ALCAN. Has all the ear marks.

Would this type without headstamp be an earlier type , late? Also the crimp? Of all that I have seen on here have the typical crimp. So could of this type been an experimental type?

Phillip, whatever I said would only be a guess, & that’s the best / only answer I have. Sorry wish I knew.

PetedeCoux, all is good. As I just ponder the lack of headstamp and crimp. Of course we are all learning and the majority of all my knowledge on cartridges comes from this fantastic site and some secondary sites. Thank you for your responses!

I have a fired one of these and it is identical (except for lack of head stamp) as the Alcan marked ones I have.