ZQI 9mm x19mm

Some years back the local Walmart had ZQI ammunition on the shelf. I dont have teh examples in hand but know it was made either in or for Turkey for sale thru ZQUI International in US. CAme in several calibvers but 9mm was most prevalent. Scanning ammo for sale on line I saw an add for ZQI 9mm teh otehr day. I need to go back and if still available buy some just to see whast changed. Early ammo in al calibers I saw had MKE headsatmps. changed to ZQI after a couple of lot and a new year. Will let youi know what find!

They have nickel plated steel and plain brass(shown below),
ZQI 9X19mm 20. If @lew comes along, he might show you the headstamp along with a box scan.

So when steel the cases are not very likely to be from MKE.

Here are some pictures found online:
ZQI Centerfire Pistol 9mm NATO Ammo 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket
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