ZV 7.62 69 Black primer lacquer

Found one of these today in a load of mixed 7.62s. I believe its S&B but need to identify the reason for the black primer lacquer. The whole primer is black and it definitly is lacquer not just coloured on with a felt pen. (Sorry cant do a picture)

Also, just for my own info, why do they use “ZV” and not “S&B”?

Falcon - Once I have it ID-ed do you want it? I don’t collect 7.62?

The “ZV” was used as an export head stamp and the black primer should be a rustless one.

back in the mid-1980’s a lot of this ammunition showed up in the US at gun shows. Ball, orange tipped tracer and black tipped AP were pretty common. All had brass cases and were headstamped “ZV 69”. I think that if you look closely, you will see that the primer is blackened, chemically, not lacquer, AND has a black primer seal. Fast forward to the Gulf War in 1991. I found a FN-FAL 20 rd. magazine in the desert of Kuwait filled with this exact same ammunition! As for the blackened primer, this seems to be typical of Czech military ammunition, regardless of wether it is corrosive or non-corrosive primed. The ZV factory code is usually seen on brass cases, but occasionally on steel as well. I’ve been told it is an export headstamp, and also that it is a specific factory, seperate from “bxn” and “aym”. It seems odd to only have a factory making export ammunition though.


Thanks for that


Hi, here in New Zealand loads of ZV 7.62 ammo turned up, I shot heaps of the stuff away- not the best ammo around…very cheap. cheers

A lot of S&B ammo gets imported into Britain but I have never seen 7.62. Probably because there has always been a lot of surplus 7.62 RG at good prices until recently.

Somebody is going to come on now and say that its been sold for years over here and I’ve just missed it.

What we do get is a lot of is S&B .303, in fact that and PP is all there is. apart from Kynamco which I still have to try.

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Kinda off subject, AKMS, you were in the Gulf War? If so, thank you big time!


Thanks Jason. Yes, I was with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade. I was a M-60-A1 tank mechanic by trade but ended up carrying an M-60-E3 machinegun the whole time. We supported the 1st Marine Division during it’s drive straight up throught the center of Kuwait. I still owe you some pics of knocked out Iraqi tanks and such…

As for .303 ammo, I love the Enfield rifles but reasonably priced or surplus ammunition here in the states is hard to come by. About all that is available is poor quality Pakistani made stuff or some real old British surplus.


You rule AKMS! Hero in my mind for your service in Iraq. Really looking forward to your pictures!