ZVS - Blanické strojírny Sellier & Bellot


Lew, a recent thread reminded me of an earlier discussion we had about ZVS - Blanické strojírny Sellier & Bellot, koncernový podnik, Vlašim. Text below is excerpted from this thread: iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopi … 2&p=103033

[quote]Fede, the ZVS in the title of what is now S&B is very interesting and may answer a lot of questions on Czechoslovak ammunition over the years. ZVS exists today as

ZVS Holding a.s., L’ Stura1, 018 41 Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia (from a box label) ca’2012

Apparently ZVS dates back to the days of the Soviet Union as a “holding company” type organization, connecting different producers of military, technical equipment (perhaps including ammunition manufacturing machines), weapons and munitions. Their name also occasionally shows up on the boxes of 9x19 produced by Calibra s.r.o. (hsts Calibra, C&T and CgT).

Apparently through the late 1980s, both PS/bxn and aym/PS were “connected” through ZVS. This can explain why aym cartridges are in bxn clips, and can explain why 9x19mm produced in the late 1940s by PS, shows up in S&B boxes from WWII and perhaps even pre-WWII (discussed in recent ECRA Cartridge Researcher articles).

I have been long confused by the Czech and Slovak ammunition companies and how they evolved from the early 1900s through today! The 9x23 thread on this Forum adds a lot of information viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14421 with Fede taking a shot at putting the outline all together, but I still don’t have it all laid out in one piece.

I just had correspondence with another Forum member over G Roth (HP) and J Roth on when they were one and when they diverged since the two companies assigned different numbers to the 9x19mm cartridge in roughly the 1930. Further complications!

Would love to see someone start putting this very complicated story into an outline that could eventually appear in the Journal for a continuing record. This is well beyond my capability.


[quote]Lew, this “ZVS” name associated with S&B since 1981 was an indication to a company named “Závody všeobecného strojírenství, korncern, Brno”, which as you say is the same as “ZVS holding, a.s.” now located at Dubnica nad Váhom and dealing with ammunition since 2001 (today resumed to four pistol calibers only). This relation with ZVS ended when the state company “Blanické strojírny Sellier and Bellot, státní podnik, Vlašim” was established with the effect from 1st July, 1989. This was a very short lived designation and soon became “Sellier & Bellot, a. s.”, as we know it today.

I found a brochure showing a picture of a Sellier & Bellot 9 mm Parabellum box marked with this designation. Is this box scarce?


Fede, I remember them having been regular shooting ammo. Here some variants of that box:


Alex, thank you very much for sharing this picture. So it seems is not scarce at all.

If we consider the time frame of these designations I guess that the box by Blanické strojírny Sellier & Bellot, státní podnik (1989-92) would be the scarcer of all three variations.


This seems to be the latest post on these & as the photos EOD posted are no here & this if I’m reading the inside of the flap correctly dates these to 2013, I thought it might be of interest. As noted with others these have a non-magnetic brass-jacketed bullet. Thought the box construction quite interesting.


The town Dubnica nad Vahom, home of a pre-war Skoda factory, is located only a few miles downriver (along river Vah) from well known Povazska Bystrica and its ammunition factory known as PS.

Talking of rivers: I think I posted that before, but Blanické strojirny simply refers to the river Blanice that flows through Vlasim. Just like the R in RWS refers to the Rhine.